These are only a few examples of Herrick's paintings.

The Garden:

Original oil on canvas - 44"x 44"
Napoleon's Garden Scene - Paris, France
Commissioned by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hurlburt.
350 Limited Edition Prints.
This painting was done for the grand opening of
The Eye Of The Beholder Art Gallery in 1984 -
Sarasota Square Mall, Sarasota, Florida.


The Love Letter:

Original oil on canvas - 26" x 36"
Commissioned by Mr. and Mrs. Joemax Smith
700 Limited Edition prints and 500
Special collector's signature prints.
This painting was sold in a set of four painting.

The Prophet Ezekiel:

From the Sistine Chapel mural.
Rendition - 3'x4' oil on canvas.
Originally painted by Michelangelo.
This painting was created as an example
oil painting for a class Herrick was teaching.
The painting was shown by personal invitation
to the State Senate of Michigan and Board of
Legistlature during a government session.

Painting is owned by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rood,
Diamondale, Michigan


Rembrandt's self-portrait
Reproduction oil on canvas - 3'x4'.
Painting is owned by John Deluca.
On display in his Italian Restaurant
in Lansing, Michigan.

The Great Eastern Ship:

Original oil painting created from a historic photo.
The Great Eastern was the largest sailing vessel of her time.
She laid the communications telegraph cable across the
Atlantic Ocean in 1860. They lost the cable half way
across in a hundred and eight feet of water during a storm.
They were able to recover the cable using a grappling hook.
A Western Hotel stagecoach greets the ship at dock-side.
This painting was a historic moment in time. It showed
the closing of the pioneer era and the beginning of the
new industrial age.


First Oldsmobile 1906:

Original oil painting created from a historic photo.
Done in a Norman Rockwell style.
Commissioned by Gordon Long.
Long's Convention Center - Lansing, Michigan
This painting is displayed at the Michigan
Historic Automobile Museum. 40"x 40"


Geronimo 1907:

Original oil on canvas. 42" X 52" Painted in 1972.
This painting is an artist interpretation based on
the historic photograph of Geronimo's Cadillac.

Geronimo is driving the car wearing a silk top hat,
a vest, and Buffalo Bill gloves with leather fringe.
The other Native Americans are Shawnee.
Geronimo was an Apache. He was still a prisoner
of war at the time of this photo shoot. Geronimo
was the featured attraction at a big western show
produced on a cattle ranch near Fort Sill in Oklahoma.
The lore speaks of them being missing for three days.
He and the Shawnee are believed to have borrowed
the car to go to a Shawnee Pow Wow out west.

Herrick wanted to believe that Geronimo made it back
to his native homeland so ...
he interpreted the southwestern background in the
painting and colored the auto red with brass trim.
This painting shows the great lifestyle and culture change
that was happening to the Native Americans.

This painting was sold to Mr. and Mrs. William Breaky
of Bath, Michigan. William Breaky recently died and
he willed the painting back to Mark.

"In appreciation and fond memories of Bill" ...
Thanks Ann! - Mark Herrick 2013


Siesta Key Beach Portraits:
By commission - From 5k